It’s a comprehensive package to solve all the cyber treats of children. The solutions are not only limited within the technical domain, which extends to legal, physiological behavioural issues, parenting control, monitoring and the strategy part.

Parental Control Product Features

Psychologist Advice & Reports

Teaches positive parenting skills to parents of to foster safe, stable, healthy and nurturing environments and relationships that prevent children’s exposure to online abuse and adversities.

Screen Time & Smart Schedule

Give kids undistracted study time by limiting screen time and setting smart schedule in specific places and time as tech addiction is a growing concern.

Content - Filtering

It will filter inappropriate content on the internet and block the website. Custom and automatic web guard and internet filters such as Pornography blocker along with web supervision. The majority of these apps bundle a proprietary browser that makes it easier for the services to manage, track, and control browsing activity.

Social network Monitoring

Monitor social media activity of the children by keeping tab on different apps and social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. This will, in turn will prevent them from any sort of possible online threat or any other cyber bullying activity.

Suspicious Content Detection

Track and detect dangerous content on SMS. Also, it lets parents receive dangerous signals of suspicious images and prevent things like sexting.Gives reports of Search history,Access requests,Bad language alerts,Content filtering updates.

Cyber Law Consultancy

Based on the analysis, necessary legal support will be delivered for the desired children.

Geo-Fencing & Physical Monitoring

Geofencing is the use of GPS or radio frequency identifier to define a virtual geographical boundary that applies to a targeted device and sends alert to the user when that device enters or leaves that virtual boundary. Geofence is a virtual or imaginary boundary applying to a real-world location on a map. This feature that allows the parent to set up grids in which the app will alert you if your child enters this space.

Digital Parenting Training

To develop a balanced view of the risks and benefits of the digital world for our children in relation to the topic at hand. Discover the wide range of benefits that children can reap from the online world once you have established balance and boundaries. And to realize the importance of preparing responsible digital citizens of tomorrow.