Filanza InfoSec Private Limited

Filanza InfoSec Pvt. Ltd. is an information security / cyber security firm founded by a team of young information security and programming experts. As our tagline says, Filanza aims at bringing in 'a new dimension to security' through a change in the way the world looks at the ever evolving domain of information security in the 21st century. We enter into this relatively new domain of IT development cum service by taking into account the future requisite and projected demand for information security as the world tends to rely more and more on information technology in every aspect of day to day processes.

Team Filanza has a powerful Research and Development team that tracks down the latest possibilities and challenges on various sectors of Information Technology with the following objectives

• To ensure the satisfaction of Filanza's clientele with regard to conduct, delivery, reliability, performance and support of our products and services
• To build a foolproof security architecture for existing and upcoming technologies
• To maintain ourselves superior and up to date in the knowledge of information security and cyber laws
• To achieve the best possible standards of professionalism and technical competence


The mission of Filanza is to enter, establish and engross in the field of information security with passion, optimal performance and up to date knowledge, and to ensure maximum safety of the digital assets of our clients and creation of awareness about potential threats and possible dangers on the information highway where the world runs as a sequence of ones and zeroes.


The vision of Filanza is to make the environment realize and recognize information security as the most dynamic and critical IT sector of the decade; and to armor individuals and organizations to address the security challenges they face in maintaining their digital assets.