IT Security Auditing & Consultancy

Security Auditing is the manual or automatic process of one time or continuous monitoring of activities on a system (from a personal computer to a distributed network) to identify security breaches or attempted attacks. Through auditing tasks on a system, potential security flaws on a network can be identified and corrected. The service also involves Penetration Testing of the systems, where possible security loopholes are identified more effectively by authorised attempts of attack on the system, and fixes for the potential threats identified. Based on the risks identified, policy, standards and guidelines on how to manage those risks shall be provided.

Security Infrastructure Management

We provide the solutions for security management to networked or singleton systems which prohibit its users from performing malicious activities on the system and also prevent unauthorised access of persons or programs from within or outside the network. We work with your guidance to create a framework and methodology for dealing with specialised risk and provide tools and techniques to manage your environment. It also provides traceable documentation, and ensures all users of the system know what the priorities are.

Cyber Law Consultancy

According to the New Delhi police, in 2010 email hacking and cheating cases went up by 250 percent. It is said that the rate of online financial frauds being reported are also on a rise, when massive purchases are transacted online, thanks to the system of credit cards and online bank accounts. Cyber-related techno-legal acumen and knowledge are not well developed in India. These require a sound working and practical knowledge of information technology as well as relevant knowledge of the possibilities of Cyber Laws and the IT Act.

Cyber Forensics & Crime Investigation

India ranks fifth in the world for cyber crime, according to a report last year by the U.S.-based Internet Crime Complaint Centre, a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National White Collar Crime Centre. In fact, the report said that as India became home to the fourth highest number of Internet users in the world, cyber crime has been rising at more than 50 percent per year. Tracing of cyber crimes is as difficult as committing the crime itself, and Cyber Forensics offers to trace down malpractices and frauds attempted online and find valid evidence so that the laws of the land can be made use of to claim for compensation.

GNU/Linux Administration and Maintenance

As a genuine support to open source policies and on attempts to strengthen the open source community, we provide administration and service for GNU/Linux based systems and networks and provide basic training for administration. The add on service of specialized open source tools essential for each unique environment would also be offered as part of the package. GNU/Linux offers ultimate power and security to a computing environment at the lowest possible cost,and hence we recommend GNU/Linux environments for optimum performance with the highest level of security.

Corporate Training

We attempt to answer your questions on being 'online' through our Corporate Training packages on Information Security, which introduce the right and wrong sides of hacking and offer a deep dive into the dynamic possibilities of the Internet. The concept of Ethical Hacking is devised to armour the normal users who benefit from the various products on cyber world against possible security threats they may face in daily life. Internet being the most essential tool at all spheres of work, every entity in a corporate system that work with the Internet shall necessarily be more acquainted with it, and must know about the potential dangers of being an ignorant or reckless user of the same.

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